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CALL OF CTHULHU—Illustrated by Gary Gianni
SHIPPING NOTICE:  My domestic shipping is a flat $5 with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION whether you order one book or ten.  Insurance is extra and we can talk.  If your book arrives damaged that's my fault!  If your book's lost in the mail, it's not my fault! So I urge you to buy the insurance or pay for SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION. 
INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  Unfortunately the terrific price-hikes in out-of-the-country shipping have virtually wiped out the international book-trade for all but the rarest items.  International shipping starts at $24 for NON-INSURED shipping.  EXPRESS SHIPPING with insurance and signature starts at over $60.  I will ship out of the country at standard rate of $24, but if it's lost, it's not my fault.  I will not ship expensive books at less than EXPRESS SHIPPING.  Sorry!
illustrated by Gary Gianni.
Please note that these two books are O.P., and I only have a limited number of SIGNED copies on hand.
Do not hesitate!
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