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Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday 1971. First Edition. 
Seventeen SF stories chosen for their particular Scientific content with after commentary by Asimov discussing the scientific points raised or failed in the story and how they were incorporated. It's an eclectic and interesting selection beginning with probably the greatest of the pre-Campbell SF stories - A MARTIAN ODYSSEY by Weinbaum, followed by NIGHT by Don A. Stuart, THE DAY IS DONE by Lester del Rey (people forget that Lester was a fine author before he was an editor), HEAVY PLANET by Milton Rothman, the oft reprinted - AND HE BUILT A CROOKED HOUSE by Heinlein, PROOF by Lement, A SUBWAY NAMED MOBIUS by A.J. Deutsch, SURFACE TENSION by Blish, COUNTRY DOCTOR by William Morrison, THE HOLES AROUND MARS by Jerome Bixby, the famous - 'DEEP RANGE by Clarke, THE CAVE OF NIGHT a terrific stranded astronaut fourteen years before APOLLO 13 by James Gunn, DUST RAG another by Hal Clement, Pate de Fois Gras by Asimov, OMNILINGUAL by Piper, THE BIG BOUNCE by Tevis and NEUTRON STAR, by Niven. Really a nice copy of the book with some aging at the very page edges; the d.j., has a closed 1" tear, tanned with age at spine and lightly soiled. V.g. in good +, d.j. Asimov knew these stories well. An excellent anthology. 
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CREATIONS: The Quest for Origins in Story & Science., ASIMOV, ZEBROWSKI & GREENBERG, editors.
2 ASIMOV, ZEBROWSKI & GREENBERG, editors. CREATIONS: The Quest for Origins in Story & Science.
New York, Crown Publishers, 1983. First Edition. 
CREATIONS is an anthology dealing with Man's four major questions: What was the origin of the Universe, the origin of of the Solar System, the origin of the Earth and the life upon it, and the Origin of Man. A combination of twenty-seven stories/and factual essays in this epic anthology attempt to answer these questions: Beginnins with the New English Bible, THE FIRST ONE-HUNDREDTH SECOND by Steven Weinberg, PROJECT GENESIS by Lem, THE CREATOR by Simak, EXPOSURES by Benford, THE CRUCIAL ASYMMETRY by Asimov, THE LIVING GALAXY by Laurence Manning, NON-ISOPROPIC by Aldiss, THE SONG OF CREATION - a Hindu Veda, KINDERGARTEN by Gunn, THE SEESAW by van Vogt, HEATHEN GOD by Zebrowski, THE SUN'S FAMILY by Sagan, EXPERIMENT by Clarke, SEEDS OF THE DUSK by Gallun, THE THREAT OF CREATIONISM by Asimov, THE COSMIC CONNECTION by Sagan, FIRST PERSON SINGULAR by Russell, THE GRISLY FOLK by H.G. Wells, TRANSFUSION by Chad Oliver, THE DOCTOR by Theodore Thomas, THE UGLY LITTLE BOY by Asimov, MINE OWN WAYS by Richard McKenna, and A LETTER FROM GOD by Ian Watson. V.G.+ copy in v.g. d.j. 
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CYNTHIA ASQUITH:THIS MORTAL COIL—The Richard M. Jefts,  Arkham House collection, ASQUITH, Cynthia.
3 ASQUITH, Cynthia. CYNTHIA ASQUITH:THIS MORTAL COIL—The Richard M. Jefts, Arkham House collection
Sauk City, Wisconsin Arkham House 1947 [First Edition] 
The authoress' first book of macabre fiction; nine stories. [2609 Copies Printed]. The fifth book by a British writer issued after the War by Arkham House. A listing from the Richard M. Jefts complete Arkham House collection. Slight aging to d.j., edges as usual, else a fiine unread copy in Ronald Cline d.j. #RMJ22. 
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ANALOG 6., CAMPBELL, John W., editor.
4 CAMPBELL, John W., editor. ANALOG 6.
Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1968 First Edition. 
Fourteen stories from the top SF magazine of its time; ANALOG year 1966. PROTOTAPH by Laumer, BOOKWORM, RUN! by Vernor Vinge, THE EASY WAY OUT by Correy, GIANT METEOR IMPACT by J.E. Enever, EARLY WARNING by Robin S. Scott, Nebula Award Winner - CALL HIM LORD by Dickson, CWACC STRIKES AGAIN by Hank Dempsey, ;STRANGLEHOLD by Anvil, THE MESSAGE by Anthony & Hall, LIGHT OF OTHER DAYS by Bob Shaw, SOMETHING TO SAY by Berryman, LETTER FROM A HIGHER CRITIC by Robb, NOT A PRISON MAKE by Martino and 10:01 A.M. by Alexander Malec. Heel of book cloth rubbed thru in one spot; some aging to spine of d.j. V.G.-, in V.g.-, d.j. 
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Garden City, New York, Doubleday, 1962, First Edition. 
Ten stories selected by the noted editor as the best stories of the ten years of ASTOUNDING leading up to ANALOG. Stories included are - BELIEF by Asimov, PANDORA's PLANET by Anvil, SOUND DECISION by Garrett & Silverberg, OMNILINGUAL by Piper, TRIGGERMAN by J.F. Bone, A FILBERT IS A NUT by Rick Raphael, BUSINESS AS USUAL, DURING ALTERATIONS by Ralph Williams, PUSHBUTTON WAR by Joseph Martino, WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG, HARDLY by Roger Kuykendall and MINOR INGREDIENT by Eric Frank Russell. Heavy wear at heel of spine, else a very good reader in d.j. 
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THREE FOR TOMORROW: Three Original Novellas of SF., CLARKE, Arthur, C., editor.
6 CLARKE, Arthur, C., editor. THREE FOR TOMORROW: Three Original Novellas of SF.
New York, Meredith Press, 1969. First Edition. 
The book wasn't edited by Arthur C. Clarke but in an essay published as the introduction to this book, Clarke puts forth the theme that was submitted to the three authors represented herein to expound upon, none of which knew what the others were writing. The writers were , Robert Silverberg, Roger Zelazny and James Blish. The theme was "With increasing technology goes increasing vulnerability; the more Man conquers Nature the more prone he becomes to artificial catastrophe." And the original stories were - HOW IT WAS WHEN THE PAST WENT AWAY; THE EVE OF RUMOKO; and WE ALL DIE NAKED. Dusting to page edges and some d.j. rubbing at extremeties, else v.g. in like d.j. 
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BEST SF 5., CRISPIN, Edmund, editor.
7 CRISPIN, Edmund, editor. BEST SF 5.
London, Faber and Faber 1963 2nd impression. 
A popular anthology that went into its 2nd printing in two years. Stories include, 'THE STAR' by Clarke, 'NOISE LEVEL' by Raymond F. Jones, 'GREEN THUMB' by Simak, 'THE QUEST FOR ST. AQUIN' by Boucher, 'THE MONSTERS' by Sheckley, 'WHO CAN REPLACE A MAN' by Aldiss, 'THE PRISONER' by Christopher Anvil, 'CONSIDER HER WAYS' by John Wyndham, 'THE MARTYR' by Poul Anderson, and 'LATER THAN YOU THINK' by Leiber. Fine introductory commentary by Crispin. A v.g., copy.in d.j. 
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New York, Dutton, 1976. First Edition. 
Lester del Rey was one of the best editors in all of SF & Fantasy and when he speaks, listen attentively! Stories include, THE BITTER BREAD by Poul Anderson, MAIL SUPREMACY by Hayford Peirce, CHILD OF ALL AGES by P.J. Plauger, TREE OF LIFE by Phyllis Eisenstein, HELBENT FOUR by Stephen Robinett, POP GOES THE WEASEL by Robert Hoskins, THE BOOK LEARNERS by Liz Hufford, SENIOR CITIZEN by Simak, THE PEDDLER's APPRENTICE by Joan & Vernor Vinge. SIGNED by Lester del Rey. Tight copy with a spot of old binding glue on cover; slight dust at page edges; tight v.g.+, copy in like d.j. 
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Boston Gregg Press, 1979 [First hardcover edition] 
One of the handsome Gregg Press editions of PKD's work; new introduction by Sandra Meisel. As new unread copy. Issued w/o d.j. 
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FRONTIERS 2: The New Mind., ELWOOD, Roger, editor.
10 ELWOOD, Roger, editor. FRONTIERS 2: The New Mind.
New York, Macmillan 1973 First Printing. 
An anthology of ALL original stories based upon the theme, THE NEW MIND. FOUR SIDES OF INFINITY by Lafferty, BRAIN WIPE by Katherine MacLean, I AM ALEPPPO by Sohl, SPACE TO MOVE by Joseph Green, NEW NEW YORK, NEW ORLEANS by Effinger, THE MAGIC CHILD by C.L. Grant, VACATION by Richard Posner, FROM ALL OF US by Gerard M. Bauer, OPENING FIRE by Malzberg, with an introduction by Frederik Pohl. Both newcombers and veteran writers. Lightly dusted at page edges, else V.g.+, copy in d.j. 
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THE BEST FROM FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION: Nineteenth Series., FERMAN, Edward L., editor.
11 FERMAN, Edward L., editor. THE BEST FROM FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION: Nineteenth Series.
Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1971. First Edition. 
The golden age of pulp & digest Science Fiction magazines is gone now with only ANALOG, ASIMOV's & FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION still limping along in this age of slick papered and electronic media. Anthologies give us a chance to look back and re-experience what we're missing. GONE FISHIN' by Robin Scott Williams, SELECTRA SIX-TEN by Davidson, LONGTOOTH by Pangborn, SUNDANCE by Silverberg, THE BRIEF, SWINGING CAREER OF DAN & JUDY SMYTHE by Carter Wilson, DREAM PATROL by Charles Runyon, CALLIOPE AND GHERKIN AND THE YANKEE DOODLE THING by Evelyn.E. Smith, NOTES JUST PRIOR TO THE FALL by Malzberg, CONFESSIONS by Goulart, GET A HORSE! by Niven, THE MAN WHO 25.00LEARNED LOVING by Sturgeon (a NEBULA NOMINEE), LITTERBUG by Tony Morphett, AN ADVENTURE IN THE YOLLA BOLLY MIDDLE EEL WILDERNESS by Vance Aandahl, STARTING FROM SCRATCH by Sheckley, BENJI'S PENCIL by Bruce McAllister, and SIX CARTOONS by Gahan Wilson. REVIEW copy with slip laid-in. A Science Fiction Writers of America copy. Near fine in d.j. 
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BEST SF:1971., HARRISON, Harry& ALDISS, Brian, editors.
12 HARRISON, Harry& ALDISS, Brian, editors. BEST SF:1971.
New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1972. [First edition]. 
Review copy with all documentation laid-in including letter & card. Stories considered by Harrison and Aldiss, the best of the year and Harrison was an excellent critic: Clarke, STATISTIANS DAY by Blish, ANGOULEME by Disch, DR ZOMBIE AND HIS FURRY LITTLE FRIENDS by Sheckley, NO DIRECTION HOME by Spinrad, GEHENNA by Malzberg, Landolfi, THE SCIENCE FICTION HORROR MOVIE POCKET COMPUTER by Gahan Wilson, Auerbach, THE HUNTER AT HIS EASE by Aldiss, THE COHEN DOG EXCLUSION ACT by Steven Schrader, GANTLET by Richard Peck, THE TENIUS by Barthelme, REPORT by Kingsley Amis, FISHERMAN by Lawrence Sail, THE IDEAL POLICE STATE by Charles Baxter, THE PAGAN RABBI by Cynthia Ozick, UNTITLED by Tommaso Landolfi, AN UNEVEN EVENING by Steve Herbst, ORNITHANRHTOPUS by B. Alan Burhoe, NO DIRECTION HOME by Spinrad. Clarke's - 'A MEETING WITH MEDUSA' won the Nebula Award and remains one of his most popular stories. Just a slight tweak to spine with a thread or two showing. Paul Lehr d.j. A very good copy in lightly rubbed d.j. 
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THE YEAR 2000., HARRISON, Harry, editor.
13 HARRISON, Harry, editor. THE YEAR 2000.
Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1970. First Edition. 
Science Fiction is always thought of as the fiction of "looking ahead." In this anthology set thirty years before its time, editor Harry Harrison gave his writers the following dictum: ". . . speculate about the future and give me a story set in the year 2000." Of the thirteen writers (including the editor) who contributed, only four lived to see their future millenium realized; Silverberg, Aldiss, Masson, and Harrison; and of those four, only Robert Silverberg and Brian Aldiss are still alive; Naomi Mitchison nearly made it, passing away in 1999, age 101. The stories are - AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL by Leiber, RACE RELATIONS by Harrison, PROMETHEUS REBOUND by Galouye, FAR FROM THIS EAR by Chad Oliver, AFTER THE ACCIDENT by Naomi Mitchison, JUDAS FISH by Disch, TO BE A MAN by J.J. Coupling, THE LAWGIVER by Laumer, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT by Masson, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL by Silverberg, UTOPIAN by Mack Reynolds, ORGY OF THE LIVING AND THE DYING by Aldiss, and SEA CHANGE by Bertram Chandler. Nice tight virtually unread copy; two corners bumped with dusty page edges; aging to spine & rear edges of d.j. A v.g.-, copy in like d.j. 
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SF:3 Thirteen SF Greats Present Their Favorite Stories., HARRISON, Harry.
14 HARRISON, Harry. SF:3 Thirteen SF Greats Present Their Favorite Stories.

Aldiss, Ellison, David I. Masson, Spinrad, Piers Anthony, Harrison, Moorcock, Avram Davidson, Langdon Jones, Niven, Sonya Dorman, Malzberg, Kit Reed, choose the favorites of their own work. Tight copy light rubbing to d.j. Solid v.g. copy in v.g. d.j. 
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9 TALES OF SPACE & TIME. 9 Neverbefore published stories . . ., HEALY, Raymond J., editor.
15 HEALY, Raymond J., editor. 9 TALES OF SPACE & TIME. 9 Neverbefore published stories . . .
New York, Henry Holt, 1954. First Edition. 
The "Editors" anthology. This being a collection of all original stories by editors with themes these notable editors would like to see published in their respective magazines; okay there are a few "regular authors" as well! Nice photographs of the contributors on the rear d.j., panel. Editors include: John W. Campbell - THE IDEALISTS, Anthony Boucher - BALAAM, H.L. Gold - MAN OF PARTS, Raymond J. Healy - THE GREAT DEVON, J. Francis McComas - SHOCK TREATMENT; with the following tales by "authors" - Reginold Bretnor - GENIUS OF THE SPECIES, David Harold Fink, M.D. - COMPOUND B., Frank Fenton - THE CHICKEN OR THE EGGHEAD, and Kris Neville's - OVERTURE - a "Betty Ann" story. A few snags in the d.j. with a closed 1/4" tear; light rubbing; dusting at page edges. V.G. in v.g.-, d.j. 
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Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1978. First Edition. 
Andre Norton introduces this book of all women writers with a brief history of "girls & women in Science Fiction" from squeamish, scantly clad girls about to be consumed by B.E.M's to the modern woman of today " . . . girls who can take their own chances and stand shoulder to shoulder with any hero." The tales herein: SQ by LeGuin, THERE WAS A GUARDIAN by Zenna Henderson, LADY IN WAITING by McCaffrey,SPACE/TIMEARABESQUE by Yarbro, NIGHT-RISE by MacLean, FLIRTATION WALK by Kay Rogers, SCHLOSSIE by Laurance, IMPACT by "Steve" Barnes - and Yes! Steve Barnes is a woman not a transgender person, THE SLOW & GENTLE PROGRESS OF TRAINEE BELL-RINGERS by Barbara Paul, NIGHT FIRE by Sydney J. Van Scyoc, SELENA by Beverly Goldberg, URAGUYEN & I by deFord & Coulson, THE VANILLAMINT TAPESTRY by Jacqueline Lictenberg, THE WAY BACK by Raylyn Moore, LOST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG by Grania Davis, ALIEN SENSATION by Josephine Saxton, ESCAPE TO THE SUBURBS by Rachel Cosgrove Payes and MOTHERBEAST by Kathleen sky. 
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Garden City, New York Doubleday, 1967. First Edition. 
Stories "rescued" from the old pulp magazines from the 1930's in the noted SF historian, Sam Moskowitz's opinion, best displayed a "sense of wonder" that only Science Fiction can deliver. Note too that all of these stories are making their first book appearance here. THE MOLE by Leinster, THE MOON ERA by Williamson, and EXILES AND ASPERUS by the British writer, John Wyndham. Doubleday cornered the market on SF in the 60's into the 70's; then other mainstream publishers finally caught on! The book's a nice tight example with previous owner's bookplate, dusting at page top edges; rubbed d.j., aged at spine with 1/4" chip. 
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Minneapolis Fedogan & Bremer 1998 First Edition 
Cthulhu Mythos novel set in Arizona. One of 100 signed, numbered & slipcased copies. Nice book, nice guy. Killer cover! Cover price. 
Price: 95.00 USD
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J.K. POTTER: EMBRACE THE MUTATION: Signed by artist and 8 authors!, POTTER, J.K.
19 POTTER, J.K. J.K. POTTER: EMBRACE THE MUTATION: Signed by artist and 8 authors!
Burton, MI Subterranean Press 2002 First Edition 
EMBRACE THE MUTATION was a daring twist on the traditional illustrated book: Rather than the artist providing illustation for the stories, the Artist provided the illustration, and authors were challenged to write stories around those illustrations. J.K. Potter's concept of the illustrations was dangerous and disturbing: "EMBRACE THE MUTATION is a collection of symbolic images depicting the changing morphology of the human body in an age where genetic engineering, plastic surgery, and other modifications of the flesh threaten to completely redefine what it means to be human . . . When the organs of animals can be successfully transplanted into human beings, how long will it be before someone makes the fateful decision to add actual animal features to their appearance? . . . What does it mean to be more than human?" Chilling concepts to be sure and images disturbingly equal to those concepts. Mr. Potter has pushed even his extraordinary boundaries of horror to a new level with this one! Signed by the artist and contributing authors, Ramsey Campbell, Dennis Etchison, Michael Bishop, Poppy Z. Brite, John Crowley, Peter Crowther, Elizabeth Hand, Graham Joyse, James Morrow, Kim Newman, Norman Partridge and Michael Marshall Smith. The book has been OUT OF PRINT for years but I was able to get some remaining copies directly from the artist. 
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Chapel Hill, N.C. Carcosa. 1975. [First edition] 
A massive volume gathering thirty-one stories from the pages of WEIRD TALES, SPICY MYSTERY, ARGOSY magazines and others. Enjoyable introduction from one of the most colorful characters I'd ever met—the author himself! Moderate rubbing to d.j., else a fine copy. 
Price: 40.00 USD
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