There are many reasons for having to dispose of a book, pulp or any collection for that matter a death, medical problems, loss of interest; or for many it's the hunt itself!  Having completed a collection, simply going into another area of interest or a different author, where another challenge lies and funds are needed.
I can help you dispose of your collection. I Buy Books -  I am the Paladin bookman! Have books will travel, and I will travel out of state or out of the country to acquire single significant items or entire collections. Or sell your collection on a consignment basis.  I am especially seeking original illustration artwork and pulps as well as books. As you can surmise from my stock listing, I specialize in Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction, be it books, pulp magazines or artwork but as you'll see in future listings I do extend to other areas such as mountaineering & exploration, classical music materials & autographs and other miscellaneous areas. I am seeking significant collections in many diverse areas. Do not hesitate to inquire!
I look forward to having you as a client!